5446811b4f890There is a war coming up in Europe, and it is a natural consequence of the choices mr. Obama and I have done in the Middle East.

We have fought Islamic State. Not all of muslims, but a part of the Sunni muslims that are quite fond of the caliphate. At the same time we have, or at least I have, supported Egypt. Thereby making a way out for the Arabs states, not getting involved in an all out slaughter between the West and the muslim countries.

I believe this is really the best scenario we can attempt at making as the caliphatists are using all their might to kill and maim everybody.

Now it seems to me a little odd, that the Republicans keep on telling that we have not had a good strategy, as they themselves point at a strategy that is, honestly, pretty stupid. Mr. Trump, being a good man in many ways, tells us we need to fight all muslims. All muslims, I mean is that really serious, killing a third of the world population.

If that is serious, I truly believe we have come back to the good old viking times again. So in practical life, what would that be? Nuking most of the middle East?

The problem about the fight we are having with the Sunni muslims, is the fact, that they want to fight us, but they are not truly capable of doing it, so they resort to sneak attacks, psychological warfare and mostly cold war techniques as infiltration and manipulation of media.

This is not fought with physical power, this is fought with cunning and industry.

We have made the strategy of fighting only the part of the muslim world, that really wants to fight us. What is so wrong about that? We even made peace with Iran, because they decided not to fight us. Now they are experiencing a blossoming of their beautiful culture. What is wrong with that?

There is a showdown in Europe. Right now, one of my brothers in arms, at least ideologically, mr. Bertel Haarder, our current minister of culture, is plotting against the caliphatists here in Denmark, because they are abusing our system, and do not respect our rights of democracy.

In a way it is a choice between that WASP ideology. That is focusing on race, patriotism and religion. And a choice of a democratic, freedom focused, patriotic nonreligious fight.

The one leading to failure, as it has done in the past. The other leading to victory, as it has already.

Mind you, I wholeheartedly support protestantism, in fact I believe that I have saved the Anglican church. I am myself a maltese knight of high ranking. But I do not believe in an all out religious war, it will be the end of the world.

No, let us continue down the path of democracy, it will not tear things apart, but keep our nations at its best possible make up.

At least, this is what I hope will happen.

G-d bless the peace we will hopefully find.

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