The family

We often fight with the ones we love the most; our children, our parents our wifes, and in a way, marriage or family is a micro version of the nations. It is basically the same mechanisms that work in the family as in the nations.

When we are unsatisfied with something in our families, it usually has something to do with a need that is not met. The need for security, food, space, caring or attention. This makes us frustrated, and we react by getting upset and start blaming our loved ones for this lack.

Love in this situation, is to understand the needs of our loved ones, and try to fulfill them. And love is also to understand that all our needs are not easily fulfilled, and therefore accept that our needs will have to wait sometimes.

What we aim for in family as well as in nations, is the same; peace. Where we are living under the same roof in tranquility and happiness. This we will only realize however, if we understand how the family functions, it functions by understanding, and by our solidarity. If we reach out from beyond our materialistic prisons and start sharing what we have with the persons we love.

G-d bless the will to share.

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