The first 100 days

​OK, the first hundred days of Mr. Trumps president ship is nearing its conclusion. 

I think we can handily conclude, that we, the Democrats are basically still very much in the game. 

The things we do not agree with, are not going through congress, but at the points we do agree, things are going forward. 

The only exception being foreign policy, but even here, my voice has been heard. 

Looking ahead, this is probably how things will evolve. There is however, a single extreme danger for the whole party we need to realise. Look at France, and at UK. In both these countries the liberal part has been all but eviscerated. 

In fact that was why we lost the election in the US, because, although ms. Clinton did adopt most of my policies, she still lost because she was too much of the old guard.

This is not to further my own case. I have plenty of things going for me alone, but to make us realise that the danger is far from over. 

We need to keep developing the liberal perspective in the US, with new innovative and modern approaches. 

This work lies ahead of us, and there is plenty of time to do it, but we should not just leave it to me and chance, we need to start work. Organise, discuss, think to keep the motion going. 

G-d bless the will to be innovative in a difficult situation.

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