The Middle East

The Middle East peace process still needs the footprint of Mr. Kushner. Let me be absolutely honest about the prospects of a role to bee played by Mr. Kushner in the Middle East now. 

Either you move with me, or you will be eaten by all the sharks that are in the waters. Not having moved yet, is a bad sign, and this will diminish the possible impact that a new player has. 

I have promised Mr. Trump to guide him, and as a central adviser, the downfall of Kushner is bad news for Mr. Trump. 

I can wait another day or two, but from there on, I need to move on the different projects and processes I have been working on the last six years. I will not let the peace process be lost. The Middle East should have a comeback internationally and spiritually. It is the hub of religion, and as such it should develop and strengthen religion. It should be the vanguard of G-d.

I am here, just write me an email. I may seem like a nerd here on the blog, and honestly there is a bit of truth to that. I use way too much time in front of my computer. But I am also a honest Jew, and in that capacity, I believe we will get on just fine. And inbtw, very few international players get an invite like that. 

Just a last thing Donald. Call Mr. Putin. This no one can take that away from you, and not doing it makes you look too much as a tool for Pentagon and so on. 

But a serious call, with a rapport will do you a lot of good. 

G-d bless the peace we will find.

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