The future is Bright

Well, there is a long time until Labour will win the power again, at least if you do this Boris.

First of all, you need to get jobs for the workers again. This simply is a matter of getting the industrial leaders to invest in production in the UK again. Where? Wherever there are workers. As it is, production has been sent to China, where they are having a bit of a wealth induction.

This means, internationally, that you need to think about China. This again means, that the natural ally in the confrontation between the West and China will be the US. See? The puzzle all falls in place; US, China, UK. The alliance that is natural between the US and the UK, is there to pick up. The friendship between the US and the UK has never been better, and the GOALS of both nations are absolutely aligned.

This is what I have been working for the last eight years that finally falls into place.

Because as the US has a lot of power in and around China, the UK has its empire, and that is thrown in the mix. See? By defending the empire, you all but get all of your goals. Both you solidify the empire, AND you satisfy your new voters.

It is a puzzle that comes together, and should elevate the UK.

Add to this, the added wealth that would flow into the country, you all but have yourself a perfect bargain.

There is the problem of the fractioning of the kingdoms in Great Britain. This however I do not see as much of a problem, why? Because it is a result of the war that the EU made against the nations under its sway. As the central government is weakened, the parts of the nations are trying to find separation. But as soon as the EU is not a part of the governmental structure, there is no drive anymore.

Yes, there will be problems and fights in the Commons, but essentially the fight is over and repairing can commence.

Here again, be gentle and fair to the Irish and the Scots. They have lost, don’t treat them bad. They are proud people.

All in all, we are on the way, to save Britain, as I saved the US. The difference being, the PACE things can pick up. Both the US and the UK. That is a massive power re-emerging.

G-d bless the will of the British people.

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