The courageous islanders

There has been a case of Chinese pressure on a small semi independent part of Denmark.

According to my media sources, China has tried to pressure the Faroe Islands into a deal concerning a new upgrade of the telecommunications network in the Faroe Islands.

One things is, that the network is a potentential for spying on the Faroe Islands, the other thing is the disdain and lack of respect the Chinese have shown Denmark here.

This is unacceptable. We will NOT bow for pressure.

This has been the stance of the current PM of the Faroe Islands, and as a intellectual representative of Denmark, I wholeheartedly support this attitude.

We have our self respect, and we intend to keep it that way.

I also hope that the UK and US alliance will see this rejection as an acknowledgement of the stance that we have in common. Perhaps giving the Faroe Islands a deal if the Chinese walk away. The Faroe Islands export salmon to China.

So again, I wholeheartedly support the wise and courageous pm of Faroe Islands. He is a bit of a hero, that guy.

G-d bless the future of the Faroe Islands.

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