The heroes of old

Well done mr. Farage, the sacrifice that you did in relation to the election will go down into history, as one of the finest moments of UK democracy. Let me explain.

In the olden times, before the Roman Empire, when the Canutes were ruling in the UK, there was this saying. The saying went: In order for the tree to grow, it must be watered by the blood of the heroes.

In other words, the Ask Ygrassil, the world tree needs sacrifice in order to live. You have just brought one of those sacrifices to your country. Giving Boris a clean run on the path to number 10.

This will ensure, that England will yet live. Yes, there are innumerable hurdles and difficulties ahead, but now when the UK is free to plot its own course, we can work with these challenges.

So, you have just won yourself a place in the halls of famous Englishmen along such esteemed men as Marlborough and Nelson.

So, there will a huge work in front of us, that I will try to cover, not least the ailing NHS and the wealthfarestate as such. This part of the state is in dire needs of repair, and an intelligent as well as no nonsense approach to it, will rescue it. But it will be tough.

Anyway, now we can finally work on some of the issues, that have been dormant for quite a long time now. Saving Britain from the collapse it was approaching.

Please, let G-d save the United Kingdom.

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