The light of the sciences

imageWell, many may think that blogging philosophy is a fools errand, and it has no impact on the world. I stand to differ. I can see through my work, that making a positive impact on the world is possible, if you are willing to sacrifice, and have the stamina.

Going to Oxford, was a change for me. I come from this aristocrat Danish intellectual family, my forefather founded Vallekilde Højskole, the equivalent to Oxford here in Denmark, and, compared to England, things are run a little different. In Denmark, it is more dynastic, my family has been the leaders, or one of the leaders in culture in many years, including in academics.

In 68, this all changed, old dynasties were becoming outdated and Marxism was all that mattered. Well, it seems to me, that the old values of meritocracy and skill has once more entered the world of intellectualism. Because, yes my family was born with a silver spoon in their mouths and brought up with Plato and the bible, but we used to win our intellectual glory with our deeds, not because we knew someone, or had our political connections in order.

When I tried to get an intellectual career, I failed, in fact I failed miserably. Not because of lack of skill, but because in my mind connections did not matter, skill matters. I worked as an assistant in a school called CBS. Copenhagen Business School. At that time, I wrote a book so beautiful, that it changed the way business looks upon business. But this bought me only sneers and ridicule from the leaders of CBS, and they called me all kinds of things, that still ring in my ear. Two pages in the leading newspaper one of leading scholars of CBS used to smear my work. To this day, it was the death sentence of my academic career in Denmark.

Then I went on in other directions, and using my skill to counter the threat to the Islamists, using my skill to turn the downfall of the West, to try and make a comeback for the churches, for Israel, for Egypt, for the U.S., for Russia. Leaving the academic world to its own miserable and mediocre existence.

One of my friends said to me; “you got them all shook up”. Just because I chose to leave the small world of academics and actually start to do what academics are supposed to do; bring light, truth and theories to the service of society.

To me, there has to be change in academics as well. No more corruption, no more little kings sitting there with their powers using it to ensure that nothing happens in theory. No more back padding, and boot licking. Just the pure light of science in service of society and man.

The Internet gave me a chance to realign myself with the readers and users of philosophy, in a direct way. It has cost me much, and sometimes I think that the price that I pay, and have payed is too much. Ask my wife, and she would agree. But, then again, the light shining from that beacon of freedom, should always be lit, with the blood of the honest. Otherwise it will dim and stop shining. This is what I have been doing, and perhaps more academics will flock to that banner of light, in order to save the academics from themselves. From destitute, from corruption, from being slave to the money they get.

So, maybe one day, academia will once again be what it used to be; free from stupidity and petty ambition.

G-d bless the will to be free in the light of the creator.

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