The traitors and the heroes

In a conflict, there are, usually three types of behaviour in a politically run state. Those who run, those who turn traitors and those who chose to stand and fight.

In a decomposing democratic order as we see it in Europe, there are more traitors than people who chose to stand and fight. As a consequence, what one needs to do to survive an onslaught as the one we are witnessing by the islamists, is a strategy to counter the many, those who wish to flee or are traitors. At the same time enabling those few who are willing to stand and fight.

In the current conflict with the islamists, we see very much the same pattern in Europe as we saw in the second world war. Except for the difference, that there are more turncoats and fewer heroes. England and Britain at large are choosing to fight, Sweden has already surrendered a long time ago. The traitors and turncoats have gained new assets as the European Union, and the liberal press. Add to this both a lingering effect of the Soviet infiltration in the cultural sphere, the secret services, and academia. We have heightened odds against us. Luckily, the enemy; the islamists are much weaker than the Nazis, so all in all the pros and cons are more or less the same as in the second world war, with the same parties on each side.

So what are the added characteristics of the traitors and the heroes. The heroes are the strong, the traitors are the weak. As a consequence we see a lot of women in the traitors camp; teachers, medical personell, the feminine part of the political arena. Make no fault, the reason why so many women are supporting the islamists, is not because they really like them, who would? But because they are traitors and weak. The same goes for the secret police. The reason why they support the islamists is not because they are curropted, yes, they are also curropted, but because they are too weak to counter the threat of the islamists who are threatening them. It is, untill now, much more easy to counter the few leaders who are opposing the islamists. So they go for us, instead of the islamists.

So what would the obvious strategical consequence of this be; to be stronger than the islamists.

The Stalingrad of the Islamists has already been concluded, it was the fall of Morsi and the Moslem Brotherhood. They are now in a much weaker position than before. They have emerged with a bid to rule Iraq, but this is, in many Islamist circles, not that popular, they think it is immature. They would have opted to wait little longer. So, in a sense, the IS, is a sign of desperation. A all on the table bid, to muster strenght and show off the colours. We forced them out in the open sooner than they had anticipated.

Already the show of strenght on our side is turning turncoats our side. After mr. Putin send a few jets of Denmark, threatening to bomb the PET into oblivion, if they did not leave me alone, (thank you very, very much mr. Putin). PET has largely remained on the waiting on my side. Next time, bomb them, they need to be tought a lesson.

But now they are talking about me being an ally. Well, this is a sure sign, that they have realized, that our side are now growing into the strong side, and the islamists have lost steam.

Traitors and turncoats are always the same, the only way you can trust them is by being stronger than them. It is as simple as that.

With our momentum building up, and that will hopefully happen, after we have made peace with the wise Iranians, and they have added their strength to our cause, we will see more and more defectors of the islamist side in Europe. In a few years when the EU have fallen, the entire system will be gearing towards a serious but inevitable confrontation with the Islamists in Europe. Let me be clear, it will be rivers of blood, and we can reach some with dialogue, but others we have to fight, as we are in Iraq. Evil will always be like that; out of the reach of dialogue.

So we need to press on with the work we are all doing, to save our democracies and our humanistic view of the world. But also begin, or rather continue, the rebuilding of our faiths.

If we are not any stronger after the war with the Islamists, it might as well have been for naught. We need to regain our faith, and most important the faith in a singular G-d.

A conflict on the grand scale we are witnessing will always be pretty confusing to those who are traitors. Because they are constantly trying to sense who are the strongest, in order to put their bet there. But we should also understand, that to reach a state where we will remain strong after the conflict. we need to tackle the corruption in our states, and root out all those who are ready to sell their countries and think more of themselves than on their fellowmen. They are everywhere, in media, in culture, in academia. And as long as they are free to roam unhidered, they will continue desecrating and tearing down our states, thinking only about their own comfort, choosing the strongest horse. We need uncorrrupted, ethical law abiding servants of the state, not traitors serving us their sweet honey, and performing tasks of communication to sweeten the the pill and manipulate the people.

We will have to have a look upon the servants of the state, rooting out those who are turncoats, and supporting the few who are loyal and strong in defense of our states.

G-d bless the will to remain strong in the opposition to the turncoats.

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