The Middle East

The Middle East is not really in my hands anymore. When I worked with mr. Obama, he used my ideas, and consequently brought some peace to the Middle East. The Iran deal is lauded as the most successful attempt at making peace in the Middle East.

But mr. Netanyahu wanted otherwise, and convinced mr. Trump. You know, that is ok, maybe I am wrong, and the ideas that I am working on are not at the sufficient quality. Maybe the religious ideas of rav Ashlag are too poor a quality to work in the long run. That may be so.

If that is so, then Netanyahu will perhaps make peace, and the idea of peace through strength will work. It has worked before, so maybe it will work again.

To me, I was truly surprised that mr. Trump made the North Korea deal, so maybe he will be able to make a deal in the Middle East that will actually work.

To be honest, I hope so. This is not about my vanity, it is about the peace of the Middle East. So my vanity is in the big picture absolutely unimportant.

The Palestinians, or whatever we call them, have increased their activity with a new weapon. The Molotov cocktail kite bombs. They have a lot of success with this, if killing innocent people can count as a success.

It also does not give Israel any plus points when they do it. When Hamas and the other local Palestinians did all the Kassam bombs, they lost a lot of international credit. Why? Because at that time, we were doing the Iran peace deal, and you cannot attack a peacemaker.

After the Iran deal was rendered to naught, Israel has lost a bit of the moral high ground, and there is more space for the Gazans.

I believe in rav Ashlag, and I am not naiv. Still most of what I put up in the Middle East is holding. It is just a scratch in the surface.

That is why I have realized, that peace was not given in one fell stroke, but has to come over many years.

I will not be able to descend on Israel tomorrow and make the temple, but hopefully in ten or twenty years I will.

The momentum of the first wave of my ideas are now ebbing out in the Middle East, and we are facing another kind of development. That of slow consolidation.

The aim is, to make a common platform for all the monotheistic religions.

This is what the Middle East is essentially all about. That is the true purpose of the Middle East. Everybody knows it, and they have faith in it. By the will of G-d we will do his work.

This is not over, we just have to be a bit more patient.

It was the same with David. First he became the chosen by G-d, then he was rejected by the Israelites. But ultimately, it is not for us to decide. It is up to G-d. I believe, that what we are supposed to do, is to remake the realm of G-d here on Earth. That is what religion is all about.

Sometimes we do the opposite, and do not succeed with our work. Sometimes we get a step closer to this aim.

We are the tools of G-d, and we will succeed.

G-d bless the will to respect the will of spirit, and see through our own misconceptions and selfish needs.

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