Things are really changing in Europe, whether the politcal elite wants it or not. Essentially these are the ideas, that I had to happen to make ten years ago, that is really wreaking havoc in the political elite.

Now even the American president is in on it, not making it very easy to keep to old ways. Well done mr. President. It was a bit tough what you did, but the truth needed to be told, well done.

My ideas are not revolutionary in the sense, that I want to change the system itself. They are revolutionary in the sense, that I want people to remember what the ideas of our civilisation are. There is nothing wrong with Democracy or the rule of law. But the current administration is not working, because we have forgotten the basic ideas of a Democracy. We have become to relaxed and totally unserious about these things.

We have to be serious again. I know that changing things are difficult. But you have to change in order to follow the ideas an needs of the people.

They want and need security, so this is what you need to provide. Take Italy, they are in deep trouble, you need to take them out of that trouble.

The world is full of fighting and strife. It is not a happy place, it is a dangerous place.

To make peace, you need to accept this, and support and protect your citizens.

My plans do not necessarily involve getting rid of the EU. It is a safety net that is put beneath the European nations. So that they may survive.

But the European Union needs to step up, and not do what it has done for 40 + years. Do something else, Change, perhaps.

G-d bless the will to be humble in the changing tides of history.

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