What is Change?

When we went from a Frankfurterschool liberalism to an Obama liberalism, what was the change essentially?

As I see it, the essential change was to move from a pretty simple way to look at the world, onto a much more detailed and civilised way of looking at the world.

The Frankfurterschool believes that the minority has to be protected from the majority. This is off cause right. In a democracy, the minorities are often put down. So we need to protect them.

But, and that is very important. We still have to remember that the core of Democratism is off cause Democracy but also humanism.

The US is a Democratic/humanist system, right?

So, my idea was to try and remember what the US really is. See it as it is in all its beauty. A beauty that has been forgotten in the years after the American revolution. A revolution that brought forth freedom and humanity.

Democracy is essentially a northern European way of deciding and doing things. Its viking. Rousseau was quite open about that. Freedom comes from Scandinavia and the UK, plus Germany and France.

This is the way we like to do things.

Humanism at the other hand is not a European idea, its an Egyptian idea. Brought forth firstly by the Medicis of the Italian Renaissance, and then kept by the freemasons, giving birth to the US as an Egyptian/humanistic system.

That is why there are so many Egyptian things in the US. Pyramids on the dollar bills, Steles and other Egyptian magical buildings.

So, instead of focusing so much on minorities only, I think it is important, that we go back the very foundation of the US. To make it clear for all Americans what the US really is.

That is the unifying thing, that can and will bring Americans together.

I am not perfect, I did things wrong. But my work lies directly in the tradition of rev. Martin Luther King, and that is a project of unity not of division.

Civil rights are a unifying thing, a democratic/humanistic renaissance is a unifying thing. Its the same, just with a bit different angle and some other elements. But the IDEA the same. To create a common platform for all of us.

So I am not hired mercenary. I happen to believe in these things, and it is not working for me in Europe very well. So you cannot chose your readers, your readers chose you.

Anyway. I know that the Democratic party is in problems and so on. But there is a platform to stand on. And that is the one, that Barack Obama created. A platform of decency, honesty, enlightenment, freedom and responsibility.

So, do not despair, work on, find yourselves as Americans, and things will Change.

G-d bless the will to do good, and be honest with the things we have.

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