Change in Europe?

Nothing happens in the EU that is planned. Everything is just quenching one fire after the other.

That is what you usually call reactive behaviour. You react to what happens to you, you are not proactive. That is planned on what you do.

Everybody else in this competition of global dominance are proactive. They try to influence people and powers around them to their best ability.

The EU is just a mess.

So, what do you do when you are in a mess. You make a plan to get you out of the mess, and you try. More often than not, this plan backfires, gets you in another direction than you thought and so on. But at least you are trying.

So, instead of focusing on the problems only, try and make a plan for the entire project.

I proposed one that is, honestly, the best you can get. But nothing has happened yet. If that is the way you want to do it. Ok, np, but the rest of the world is in trouble, and we need to move on with the issues we need to solve.

The Middle East is powder keg, and we need to find solutions for it. The EU has had a stance as a defender of the Obama peacetreaty.

But with the current chaos in the EU. The EU cannot deliver anything.

If nothing happens, well, then we need to take the EU out of the equation, and work with what we have.

Instead of using so much energy and time on the self-inflicted problems of the EU, we will have to move as individual countries.

I am sorry, but you are seriously sitting on your own hands not trying at least to make some kind of plan to change things.

That is the recipe for disaster. Now you know, so perhaps at least trying to do something would be an idea.

G-d bless the will to Change things.

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