The nation

When I started my political/philosophical career, it was as an intellectual on the far right wing. One of the main new features of this development, was to renew a pro Semitic view of the conservatives.

As time has gone by, and things have developed, it has been obvious to me, that this idea is loosing a bit of its strength.

Lately we have seen the AfD not really digging into the pro Semitic ideas, and also ms. Le Pen is a bit less inclined to follow my lead on this.

It is ok, you are my philosophical children, but let my first give you a but deeper insight into the how’s and whys.

Nationalism is much more than identity politics, it is, basically a striving for a polis like ideology that was firstly invented in the Mesopatamian area with famed cities as Babylon and Eden.

It is a system that is slowly developed through millennia. It is much more than just the frame around a people, it is a system that has been time proven.

The deeper stratification of these ideas are however mostly forgotten in the realm of academia, though we still can trace them in the work of great philosophers as Plato and Aristotle.

But, and this is important, it is a system, that we need to strive to uphold to make work, otherwise is disappears in moral corruption. As we see these days, and you all know to be true. You fight this moral corruption, as you should, and as it is advised in all the old scriptures.

BUT, and this is where pro semitism comes in. There is a natural ideal that we all strive for, a kind of arch nation that serves as an ideal. Both spiritually as well as in practice. A kind of reversed Babylon.

That nation is called Israel.

Ideally Jews are the caretakers of the First Nation. That is the system.

So nationalism cannot be antisemitic in its core. It would be against the very nature of nationalism.

Now Jews have their burdens to bear. Because being chosen to lead and make the First Nation is a truly gigantic task. It will leave precious little room for mistakes. Jews are struggling to fulfill this task, and we are getting somewhere at least. But it is truly difficult.

But the system has this structure for a reason. The reason being, that the system and ideology of a nation is a striving for good.

A striving for a harmonious and just society. A society where one is free.

Add to this the home of religion, you can see, that the bar is truly put high.

We should seriously strive to put that bar high, to truly fulfill the ideology of a nation.

It is complicated, but it is also possible.

However, to strive for goodness is always that; not a fixed point, but a star in the horizon, that we will perhaps never reach, but we always strive to reach. The entirety of our lives. Because the Nation requires this for us; for us to strive to make a solid and wonderful basis under our nation.

That is what Israel is. And that is why it is so important to be friends with the Jews. Because even though Jews are not perfect, they know, that this truly what it is to be Jewish and be good. And they know that the world judges us, on this conduct.

G-d bless the light of the Nation.

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