The U.K.

The U.K. is at a crossroads. The old regime is falling, and a new is slowly rebuilt. As one of the architects behind this new order, I profoundly believe that it will be better.

There are some challenges ahead, so we need to concentrate on a civilised and progressive handling of these issues.

It all goes hand in hand with the fall of the empire, and the rebuilding of an alternative.

Here, new signs from her majesty, bring me hope. She is not someone to be trifled with, and I think she will save the U.K..

But how? And how do we do it in a manner that will ensure humanity as well.

Here I think that the Anglican church will have a pivotal role, since it is a body of wise men and women, as well as a strong intellectual community.

We however need to be realistic about the challenges we meet, we have to openly discuss them, and act accordingly.

I love Oxford, and it has long become a goal of mine to return there.

We need to save the U.K. and the England.

To do that, we need to specify the dangers, and build on the strengths.

The strength of the Anglican Church is faith. No more, no less. But not a confronting or aggressive faith per se. A defensive faith in the sense, that to have faith is defended.

It is right to be a Christian, as it is right to have any faith.

We should start there, and then build from there. This includes a conservative agenda, politically as well. Faith should be the foundation of our political decisions.

G-d bless the fair isles of England and beyond.

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