The nations of europe

Understanding the current crisis of the West should be the starting point for a medication. You have to know why the West is in its predicament before you can prescribe medication.

The reason why we are in a crisis is because we are corrupt. We do not anymore serve the basic principles of the nation. We tend to go our own way and look for ourselves instead of joining hands and work together for a solution. Listen, the current crisis will not be dealt with if we continue to think that we can just take another sleep in the hammock. It will only work if we stay loyal to the principles of our nation. We need that common goal to pull things together and work for the reenergizing of the nation.

In central Europe it is all going very bad, exactly because we have left the ideas we made Europe upon. Today to be a nationalist is something despicable, and the federalist economical mess called the EU is supposed to be the answer to our dreams. Well, how would the leaders of Europe define the success of the EU? It is not definable, because it is not a success, it is a mess. In fact a mess the entire world, not the least the US is paying for. But also all the producers of goods to Europe are paying a heavy price for the mess of the current political projects of central Europe.

Not until the Europeans leaders turn away from the federal idea, and start focusing on the national democracies, as everybody else in the world, will it turn around. Then people may ask; what about the peace. Really, do anybody see Germany start a war with France in the next forseeable future? No, that project is over.

We need to hark back to the basic principles of the nation, all of us, not just America and Russia, also central Europe.

Or else the destruction of Europe will just continue.

G-d bless the peace and the nations of Europe.

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