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Long ago, almost before the memory of man, we had an enlightenment, the halls of Hammurabi, the laws of Nebuchadnezzar, the walls impenetrable made by the minds of the greatest philosophers. It was prescribed, that one day, all of these ideas would reemerge, and the nations would shine again. This process is now, we have seen it in glimpses by Mr. Barack Obama, we have heard it whispered by Mr. Netanyahu. Let it be heard, that never again will the light of the nations be dimmed.

Now, g-d blessed, these ideas are reemerging. They were there all the time, it just took the internet and a theoretical nerd to dig them up. It could have been me, or someone else. But the advent of the internet gave everybody with the time and the skill to look for the principles of the nation the possibility and the ability to do it.

It is an ironic thing, that just as the West seem to have lost the light of the nation, we see it reappear. We see it shining once again. As Mr. Biden said, it is now or never, we are on a hinge, do we wish to die as a civilization or do we wish to reemerge again.

They have a word for it in France, when they dug up the principles of the Nations a few hundred years ago, they call it renaissance. The rebirth of the nation. They sung it, they fought for it, they died for it. A simple idea, worth giving your life for. Why? Because it will give your children and your best friends, and your family a chance to live a better life. It is a well proven, fact checked robust system that just work.

The beauty of it also is that all the countries that has a monotheistic religion as base, be it muslim, christian or jewish has it as its root. So understanding the ideas, and implementing it in a way that will propel the countries forward, will give all of the descendants of Abraham the possibility of progress.

Now, the Anglo Saxons had the best version, we must admit that. It combined the ideas of the Greeks with the skill and purpose of the sea raiders called, in lack of a better word; Vikings.

But the current system as it is realized in America, in England in most of the commonwealth, is more than just that. It is a timeproven, slowly developed, sturdy and brilliant system ennobled.We have all learned from that, and we can, all who wish to be nations, with all that it includes be that.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, the basic idea of the reelection campaign, as I see it is to reenergize the constituency by pointing to something that will unite the American people, something lasting and valuable. The principles i tried to push forward as the winning point, is the very basis of the nation; the civil rights. These basic principles; to be judged fairly, to vote freely. To be a citizen of the nation is the principles that will and should unite all who loves the nation, because the nation is not the gloss, the beautiful buildings, or the spirited national anthem it is the conviction of the people. As the ancients said; the rule of law should be a wall inside. If the wall inside of a man is sturdy, that nation will never be overrun. The same way it goes with our freedoms; freedom to speak freely, to walk freely, to bear arms. That is the basic blocks of the nations. It may sound strange to a modern ear more accustomed to the weak talk. But, basically, Socrates did not die because he was weak, he died because he believed, with all he had in the freedom of speech. His example that created the basis of our democracy is perhaps a worthy reminder of the value of our principles. In the first french Republic, they donned Socratic cloaks, walked around as in a greek stoalined allay. They had a magic word, that propelled them to fight for the patrie. As they flowed, like a current down the hills to fight for the first republic. They cried the word, that we can use as a beacon of hope. They cried; CITIZEN! All members of the french republic were citizens, all, no one was outside. They were all citizens. Today, with the knowledge, that citizenship is the same as the allegiance to the civil rights, we can say that again, and thereby strengthen the loyalty to the nation.

G-d bless United States of America, and my best and dearest hopes and congratulations for the betterment of that bright and vibrant nation.

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