The next four years

We have to be realistic about the next four years of power, if we ever get to rule in the Liberal party.

No, talking about climate change will not be enough to run on, in terms of a full fledged political manifest.

We need to cover other areas as well. Among them job creation, business, child care, workers rights. We have to make it so, that people are at peace with each other, and do not fight with each other.

In foreign politics, we have som mammoth problems as the fight with China, and the fight with the islamists have not stopped either.

So in realterm politics there are many things we have to think about.

People may vote for us, because we look the best in terms of statesmanship and so on, but at the end of the day, there are a plethora of problems we need to tackle to make it through the term.

These problems evolve, diversify and will end the power the US have, if we do not tackle them with intelligence, understanding of the world and a good heart.

It is really complicated.

At the other hand, if we play this game with a deft hand, we can build a future for ourselves.

When I entered the world stage, the US was truly on the way down. Bush had just used too much money on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and US power was at an all term low.

We Changed that, Barack and I, and put the US back as the leader of the world.

How did we do that? Through a deft playing of the game of the world.

Through an understanding of the rules, and a fair fight with our enemies.

Through the respect we built up in these years, US had a rebound.

Under mr. Trump, US power has diminished again, but at the other hand, US is not seen as the arch enemy anymore, China is taking over the role pretty efficiently because of their inherently colonialistic actions and honestly pretty callous handling of the Corona virus development.

They used the virus as a civil war weapon, killing innocent people in their grasp for power.

That is bad mojo.

My point is, when we, hopefully, return to power, we have an option to regain our footing, and lead the world to a better place.

Perhaps give people the option to have a piece of that American dream, the dream of paradise on earth.

But we need to play the election and the role of leadership professionally and with ethics.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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