The reason why we are discussing borders and all this, is because we have to. It is not something we like to do in the liberal camp.

We prefer to reach for that shining hill, not diminish the possibility of people. That is the American dream, to be able to reach not only a materially sound existence, but to reach paradise here on earth.

To do that, we need to be free.

And now we are forced to talk about borders, restriction, vetting and so on.

My point is, we HAVE to talk about how to make a frame around the nation to make it through these next few conflicts we have.

But to do so, we still need to remember what we are doing it for.

To my mind, John Steinbeck is a quality philosopher in this regard. His description of the valley of Salinas, with all its many ways of seeing the human life really hit the nail for me.

His point is, we are trying to create a utopia in the US. A paradise.

It seems to me, that we actually succeeded in some ways especially in California.

It is this paradise that we have actually realized already, and we need to both preserve as well and protect.

We need to understand why and how we actually managed to make this paradise, the steps we took, and how it has come under pressure with all the wars we have fought.

We need to keep that American dream alive.

Otherwise, what is the point of what se do?

G-d bless the will to keep our dreams alive.

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