Adam Smith

It seems to me, that economical Trierism is finally truly taking hold in the Western world.

The focus on getting production back to the West has finally begun in earnest.

Let us recapitulate the ideas and the theory.

It is, essentially, a Smithsonian principle.

As Adam Smith, the philosopher who invented free market theory, thought. You need to have a balance between moral and freedom.

In the eyes of Adam Smith, loyalty to the country was the opposite to free markets.

So to a balance between freedom and ethics, we need to make sure, that the production capabilities of our nations are LOYAL to our nations.

This ensures, that we all compete fairly in a free market.

What we have seen China do, and the reason why China is so dangerous to the international free trade ideas, is that it circumvent these principles. Stealing the ideas of the West, thereby forgoing the investment in R and D.

This has put us all in a situation, where all the production capabilities have come in the hands of people that we cannot trust.

In a crisis, as one we have now, this poses serious threat to the health of our societies.

The consequence of this realization is, that we need to keep the production in countries we can truly trust, ESPECIALLY production of medico equipment and the like.

But not only that, other sectors as computers, car production and the like. That is sectors that can be used in war, NEEDS to be relocated back to the West.

Right now, the industry agrees, so we need to move forcefully to make that happen.

How do we do that?

By a focused and smart reinventing of all the rules and regulations that surrounds the industry.

Lure them in with tax breaks, cut the red tape and so on.

Make it happen.

G-d bless the will to get our wonderful and world class production back to ourselves.

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