The path to peace

The world is slowly crashing into a massive world war. On one hand, we have the US, fighting a two front war against Russia and China, and at the other hand, we have Russia and China, with their allies.

The war is actually not really working for the US. The European allies seems to be lacking motivation, and even India is moving towards China and Russia.

I know this is hard to cope, but to do any serious analysis as to how we are going to change the tides, we need to be honest about these developments.

First of all, the peace laurel that Russia is offering, this would be the time to take it. Russia is advancing, and the human costs are rising by the day.

Secondly, shoring up the alliance with India is VERY important. The war with China is approaching, and that war is inevitable.

So a focus on east is pretty important, as I see it.

A peace, that gives both Russia and Ukraine a way so save face would be really important.

Then on to the war in the east. Collaborating and building alliances with the countries around China is of an upmost importance. We need to focus on it, and get it to work. If it does not work, we will be I real danger.

So a good peace in the East, and a strengthening of the borders in the west is important.

Then the UK, again, a great part of the empire is in real danger; New Zealand, Australia. We need to shore up support, and start building the necessary arms. This would be my recommendation.

We still have bit of a fuss with islamists infiltration in the UK, we need to be ready for that as well. It could be a real problem.

So for me, just to inform my readers, the reason I have been a little less productive the last two months, is because I have been put under administration by the cultural ministry.

There is a bit of a fight going on, in the ministry, involving the minister and the foreign minister. So, the civil servants are sacrificing a massive amount of capital both in terms of man hours as well as reputation, to try and harm me.

Nothing new in that I guess, but it is Purim, and we Jews are famous for getting over insourmountable odds, so I am getting through.

Hopefully with enough ressources to tip the balance of the scales in the Great War we are getting into. So this is not a plea for help, but just to inform you of my current predicament.

G-d bless the will to be strong in the face of adversity, and steadfast in the course of positive, constructive peacekeeping. G-d bless the western alliance, and may it prevail.

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