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Ok, so we have had one of the most important failures of the police, ever. Twelve cartoonists have been gunned down in France, and everybody who are intellectuals and criticize Islam is in peril, especially artists and journalists. In Denmark, the police has chosen to work with the Islamists, and leave the artists at their own resources. Often very, very few resources, because we are bohemes most of us, and therefor not able to live very well of our own work. Add to this a great scare of dealing with us, you get the picture. No security at all.

This seems to be all honky dory with the police, still no protection. Well perhaps some, such as the infiltration of EVERBODYS computers. How come that the police seem to be thinking that they REALLY need to know what everybody is thinking and doing, because of security needs off cause. But when it comes to actually protecting the people they have been charged with, then the need seems, all of a sudden, to dissappear. Perhaps because they just really like to know everything, and sit on their flat behinds, taking all the money, living in grand buildings, and then doing absolutely nothing to protect the cartoonists, the bloggers, the writers in harms way. No, rather they seek to shut them up, so that they, again are able to sit on their flat behinds, doing absolutely nothing. Why is it really, they seek to shut up the intellectuals, despite the fact, that this is, specifically what they are charged to do, and payed to do?

It is because it makes their own lifes so much more easy. Just shut up seems to be the point, and then they can go back to drinking coffee, playing chess, or perhaps that is too challenging a game?

It is because they are lazy, are not willing to actually do their jobs, and are afraid of the consequences. Much more easy just try to shut up the intellectuals.

Will someone please do something to this pathetic bunch of people, either sack them or at least put them on a short leash. Or just start all over again, begin from scratch, and rethink security again. Instead of investing huge amounts of resources in high tech surveillance. Which is, honestly, immoral, and against all legal rules. Protect the people in danger! How difficult can it be?

It is just beyond, belief, that the police can get away with being so stupid after the Charlie Hebdo shooting. We are at war! Act like it, or just say goodbye to your well payed job, and do something else. For heavens sake, this is absurd.

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