Synchronizing the flight checks

You know, I never really wanted to be a writer, one day, I just happened to be one. I woke up one morning, with another psychich headache and a strange sense of satisfaction of actually realizing some worth of my life, helping someone, doing a simple chore as a philosopher, doing some good, and I realized I was a writer. It just kind of came.

Being an artist is not fun, in fact I would not recommend it to my worst enemy. Your life is never stable, you always try to get on, and you always worry about your economy. But it is a good life, because you see things. Your friends are even worse bohemes than you. Some live on the streets from time to time. You may think Bukowski, the famous drunk poet, is cool from a distance, but living together with him is a nightmare. But he is a friend nevertheless, and he is alive.

This way of free wheeling and, honestly, very costful for the soceity, life, is what the Islamists and, so far, the guiding Socialdemocrats helped by the secret police, have wanted to stop. To clean out. All these too strange people, with their long dirty hair, yes dirty, as in D.I.R.T.Y., you know unkept and even smelling hair, should be stopped. We do not need them, they show no sensibility. How do we get rid of them? Well, ok, we will leave them without protection, and you can then threaten them all you will. So you KILLED them, why did you do that? Couldnt you just have kept on threatening, why did you have to make them martyrs? That was stupid, now we even have to truly protect them, just to keep the electorate happy. Maybe not that much, but just for the show. But please cant you just stop killing them, it is bad for business, and the dangerous RIGHT WING! Will steal our dwindling electorate bases, please, pretty please.

Well, a few of us have actually survived, and seen the day, when you, yes you, the people actually stood up, and truly supported us. I knew it would be difficult to survive, but I thought if I just kept a comparably low profile, it could work. I could guide the process from behind, and change the course slowly. You know, I know it is presompteous, and probably bad taste. But I did it! I managed to keep all the jackals at bay, keeping the fire lit, and now, after the people have come out in millions to my support, and my fellow artists, the politicians have to support us. The game has been won, it cost me my mother, my sister, most of my friends, my career, but I did it. I did it!

The politicians bargained on the strategy of suppressing everybody, the artists, the journalists, the freethinking spirits, in order to feed the islamists, slowly with our demise. But, the strategy does not work anymore, simply because, you, the electorate, have been too sickened by their devious and disgusting methods. When their plans came to fruition and people actually started dying, you stood up, and defended us. In a strange way, you forced the politicians to move with you, because they were too afraid, or too moved by the event, thereby creating a wave so strong, that all the pickering and fidgeting with the purses of the poor intellectuals, have been swept away.

So this is something to celebrate. Ok, I have not seen a single policeman in my vicinity, ever, not even after the Charlie shooting. The politicians talk about the importance of SYNCHRONIZING THE FLIGHTCHECKS, as if that would really help me. Just one little, teeny weeny camera with an alarmbell at the targets of the islamists, would, in a cold cost benefit analysis, come out a bit cheaper, and MUCH more efficient at keeping the lives of the artists and journalists. But, oh no, that is not really in the plans, keeping flight checks synchronized is probably a much better idea.

But, look at it this way. Untill you start actually doing something serious about it, your voters will slip away. I hold that gun in your face, as you hold your gun into my face. I will take your voters away, untill you actually offer me some protection. Got it? I will take away your job, your prestige, your fine fancy car, your own flying jet, if you do not take that gun away from me, and start aiming at the islamists instead. Got it?

G-d bless the will to survive despite increasing levels of danger.

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