The police

Corruption is always in the dark. Remember, we, from a religious perspective, talk about the angels of light, fighting against the dark lords? What are we talking about, and why are they dark? Because they live of lies, deciet, cunning, and hate, yes they hate the truth.

Let me give you an example. My mother died five years ago. At the same time, my best friends mother died. A few months ago, the father of one of the leading lights of the conservative movement, his father died too. They all died prematurely. Another one of the people in the fight against radical Islam, his wife, died not very long ago, prematurely, mystically. See the picture?

This new occurence, where an islamcritic had his father killed, had some interesting features. Just before his father died, his brand new car was torched. It represented his income, because he works as a tour guide in the summer. So it is an increase in torture and pressure, ending up in killing his father. What do all these incidences have in common? It has in common, that we are all critical towards Islam, from different political perspectives. So it cannot be the left wing killing all the islamcritics.

It all points to the other major player in the persecution of islamcritics in Denmark; the police. They are openly against all who critisize Islam. Numerous times have they, themselves, staged trials to try and quell the criticism. As with my friend Firoozeh, who were convicted a racist, because she criticized Islam as a painter, being a muslim herself!

So, in all probability, the police have been, secretly, killing the supports of the islamcritics, trying to quell the intellectuals.

And now, the politicians are discussing, how to give them more ressources to protect us. Does it make any sense?

Not before the police themselves change their attitude, will the islamcritics be protected.

G-d bless the light of the few remaining prophets.

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