The practical solution

Not only Denmark but the entire Western World is under siege. The strategy is that of a Trojan horse. A seemingly harmless body of something has stealthely been placed in the middle of the village. Slowly it has dawned upon us, that the helpless immigrants the left and the elite so valiantly defended, are not so helpless anyway. Now the menu is rape, lying, stealing, burning, ravaging, marauding. The Trojan horse is opening, spilling its foul content into our society.

Now, what to do? First of all we should realise our own mistakes and fix them as fast as possible. Our mistake has been to be irresponsible to the mechanism of the state. The state is based on loyalty of the citizens to the base of the state. The base of the state is democracy and rule of law.

The state has a very effective and intelligent tool to protect itself from foreigners who try to exploit the state. It is called the citizensship. Only people who are citizens can enjoy the ressources and the protection of the state. It is our backup as danes. The state is our communal ressources, we lift together. If, however, the state is corrupted by leaders who do not respect the distinction between citizens and foreigners, the citizens are unprotected. The danes are unprotected today, because the state do not distinguish between citizens and noncitizens. As a consequence of this, we have a civil system where employees, teachers, pupils are mixed together citizens and noncitizens alike. This leads to total breakdown of society where it happens. I have seen it where I live. Rapewaves, stealing, intimidation, tyranny.

Now, what do we base the citizenship on? Three things, according to Aristotle. 1. The ability to work in the democratic process. 2. The ability to work as a part of the system that governs the rule of law. 3. Families who have been part of the state for many generations are less prone to loose their citizensship, than people from families, who have just been accepted.

So the practical solution to the current corruption of the state and irresponsible actions of the former politicians, is to seperate citizens from noncitizens within the public sphere. If a new citizen does not respect democracy or the rule of law, he or she are consequently prone to loose his citizenship.

There is a huge economic work to be done. Many foreigners with no claim on anything receive money from the state, this is an economical threat to the state, and it should be stopped immidiately. Real refugees should off cause receive help. But foreigners who are not under any danger, and goes on holiday every summer to their original homecountry, should not receive any funding from the state.

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