Loki2With the revelation by Mr. Andrew Neather, advisor and speechwriter for Labour under Mr. Tony Blair, the nightmare of Europe seems to take another turn. My analysis of the situation has, for long, seemed like a conspiracy theory. My theory was, that the immigration policy of Europe was a deliberate attempt of the European federal system to mix the nationalistic citizens of each nationstate with foreigners. The supposed outcome would be a less nationalistic civil body of europeans. I based this analysis on the fact that the immigration into Europe was actively supported in unison. All the countries of the European Union forced the immigration on the hapless citizens of each european country. It happened in England, it happened in Denmark, it happened in Sweden, The Netherland, Germany. The “globalization” must have been a planned process, not a natural effect of some hidden force.

I search for the truth, and often, I admit, I am suprised by the conclusions of my analysis. Because who would think that anybody could devise such a plan, without any knowledge coming out to the public? Well it is absurd, but it is however the way things have been run in England. The conspiracy theory was not just a theory after all, it was a deliberate attempt to change the very structure of the english citizenry. It is prophesized, that before the armageddon a time of corruption and stupidity will occur. This is now, because it just does not work to change the citizens of a state with another body of citizens. The state is not the bureaucratic structure, it is the values and the culture of the citizens. If the citizens behave in a democratic manner, the state is democratic, if the citizens behave in a islamic manner, the state is islamic.

Mixing people of very different cultural background will obviously end in war. Because the different systems of belief will, according to nature, start to make war on each other.

The knowledge of the principles of a state is there, in the philosophical texts, it is not easy to understand. But that is why we have academic institutions, the academic institutions are supposed to reflect the current development of the society in the light of state theory. Somehow the academic institutions have failed in their mission to understand the development. And honestly it is a disgrace to the danish academic institutions that a mere freelancer knows more on state theory than any professor. It talks in great lenght of the low integrity and quality of the danish academia.

But, well, to try to eliminate the nationstate, you are supposed to protect, through immigration of the most vile and evil cultures in the world. Is outright treachery. It is, by all means, punishable by law. All the consequences of the treason, the small girls gangraped, the violence, the stealing. This is all blood on the hands of the traitors.

If it happened in England, it probably happened the same way in Denmark. All we now need, is a whistleblower to tell us the truth. Did the socialdemocrats including the kulturradikale plan on socialengeneering as the they did in England? Is this why they are so desperate to try to make the multicultural project work? Are they afraid of the consequences if it does not work, and they have to face their guilt?

How many small girls are to pay before the evil in the hearts of the politicians melt away and they start to protect their own children? What is the limit really? The conversion of their own children to heardcore Islam?

Political integrity, courage, honesty and loyalty to the people is all that we expect.

Is that a false wish?

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