War strategy

Leonidas2To devise a warstrategy is a very creative process, there are rules to abide, as they are proscribed by great thinkers as Carl von Clausewitz and Sun Tzu. The essence of war is the morale. You only get people to fight and risk their life if they fight for a higher purpose. The higher the quality of the purpose, the higher the soldiers are motivated. When the soldiers of Germany under Bismarck fought, it was with the motto “Gott mit uns”, God are with us, there is no other more motivating factor than the fight for God.

Now, some of my contacts have tried to convince me to fight as secret services fight, by demoralising the enemy. Well, first of all, I am not in the secret service business. Yes the work I have done so far have put me in contact with the secret service on many levels, but it is only because the official state has tried to kill me, and I have therefor been forced underground. My place, and my fight, is as a servant of the state. My job is to uphold and defend democracy and the rule of law.

So far my strategy have been very succesful. Together with Anders Gravers of Stop Islamization of Denmark I devised a strategy that, in these days, are winning. As mentioned, the core of warstrategy is the morale. Therefor I devised a strategy where the core of the islamic system was opposed to the core of western civilization. I opposed sharia with democracy and rule of law. Since the western system is of far higher quality that the muslim, the morale is consequently higher on our side. We are the good guys fighting the bad guys.

Now for a strategy to work, there has to be practical methods to apply. Based on a historical/philosophical analysis (Thycudides + Plato), I knew that the most probable outcome of the conflict would be civil war. So I had to invent a method that would hinder the civil war, because nobody wants to fight a civil war, it is so cruel that it is unimaginable. I knew that a repatriation strategy would save the country from civilwar. So from the beginning I focused on that, and this focus has now given result. Through Danish Peoples Party who are often inspired by the ideas of Stop Islamization of Denmark the idea is a part of the negotiations with the governing parties. I am only a part of the process, but due to the philosophical knowledge I have, people respect my propositions.

So the war is won through new strategies, not old ones.

Now the parties I discuss with, propose a downgrading of the repatriation process. In the light of the success, then why on earth should we do that? To win wars, you have to think out of the box, use new strategies, devise new weapons, not think in the box.

My ideals in the field of war are Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and the spartan kings who fought in the Peleponesian wars. And they all fought for something good, and on this their succes was based. The tenth legion would die for Caesar, the warriors of Alexander would die for him. Why? Because they all fought for something greater, to save Rome, to save Hellas.

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