The prophets

Well these are my Purim reflections. I know, that mr. Benyamin Netanyahu has vowed to fight on to the last bullit. And, honestly, I am a supporter of mr. Netanyahu. He has had a lot of heat, that he has not deserved. His is, by all means, the best leader we have right now.

He has the skill, the mindset, he is tough, strong and all we need right now. Also, he is the leader of the right coalition.

So this is not a criticism towards mr. Netanyahu. The only thing that I can criticise him for, a little, was that he did not push Mossad to help me. But that is not easy. Apart from that, he has tried, with all his might, to keep the country a float and working. In this crisis, he has, as a brilliant politician kept the unity of the country, albeit at a great cost for himself.

People say, that he drags out the war. He is not the one who are keeping the pressure, over and over. He reigns over a COALITION that is trying to get to the best outcome.

So, I support mr. Netanyahu.

If he wants to go to the last bullit, I am behind him.

But, and you probably guessed, that there was a but coming. We need to see ourselves as a powerful nation, with a vast arsenal of weapons, not as rebels.

We have survived as rebels since the last nation of Israel fell. But remember what the prophets said when Israel fell. Israel is supposed to be a tool of peace, light upon the nations and so on.

What was it, that the ancient prophets were trying to convey to our time?

Well, it is pretty obvious; we need to able to shift from rebel mode to state mode. State mode is not a rebel process.

I am a rebel, and I have lived by the mechanisms of that way for many years now. Brilliant, arduous, super skilled fight against foes 100.000 times my own size. I have managed to survive, what most other people would have been killed by. Most of my friends are dead.

BUT, I survive, so I know what it is to be a rebel.

BUT, Israel is not a rebel, it is a country, that needs diplomatic relations to those countries around to survive. That is what the ancient prophets were trying to convey to the next Israel. They had a lot of experience with that. Essentially they put us on a path of rebel hood, until the day we were able to make another state. That day, we should shift gear, and do what the old prophets were used to; work with diplomacy and skill to make a stable state.

That is how states work, all over the world. It may be tiring and annoying that you cannot just fight, but you have to be able to shift gear from rebel mode to state mode, if you are really into making Israel a stable state in the long run. If you keep fighting to the death, at every challenge, you may win honor, but Israel will have a very little chance at survival.

G-d bless the wisdom, that we may all get from understanding the ancient prophets. May Israel live forever.

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