The light of humanism

Well, I am working on my book to try support a more stable and future proof European Union. It is a really interesting job, and hopefully something, that can make a better and more stable world.

When you work as a philosopher, to try and further the development of the world. You always end up with ethics. There is the discussion between too little and too much. The discussion of freedom in relation to responsibility and the way of the state to keep it all sound.

I know, that the European Union is very bureaucratic, that is true. But at the other hand, it also really stand up for those rules. They are really into not bending rules to get what you want.

That attitude may be cumbersome, but it is very important, that the rules are NOT bend in this world.

Really this is what it comes down to, if we want a spiritually and materially sound Europe. Not bending the rules.

That means, not persecuting journalists, and not abusing power that you may have to further your own selfish needs.

If the European Union become a bulwark against the innate motives of those who want to enrich themselves at the expense of those who have very little. Then actually the Union has a raison d´etre. At least this is where I am with my ideas and discussion with myself these days. To keep the flame alight. The flame of humanism and enlightenment.

G-d bless the will to be sincere in the ways of the light and humanism.

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