The will to survive

Knowledge is a fickle mistress. She comes and goes, and more often than not, she leaves way for her evil sister ignorance.

We people are prone to follow ignorance, we love to do it. Put up the simple, easy answers to life. We fight for something that seems right, because of its simplicity and then we are seduced by ignorance.

To stay on the path of wisdom and truth, one needs to have discipline and be strong in one’s convictions. It is not easy to face the hard, barren, horrible truth that more often than not is right in front of us. But if we do not marry truth and are honest to ourselves, we are forfeit. That is the truth. Only if we have the will to be honest and look truth in its eyes, are we able to survive this world, ESPECIALLY when we are in crisis.

In crisis we often grasp at straws of simple logic and follow that, but the truth is, that simple logic will not save us. Only the ability to look upon truth in all its complexity will give us the ability to survive.

I have just survived a crisis. It was incredibly hard to see the truths of my own crisis. But because I am a bit of a prophet, these truths are hard smashed in my face all the time. I can’t not see these truths.

So, this is essentially my message to all my readers. Be watchful for false prophets who come with simple truths, it is better to look for those who will tell you how the world is, in honesty, instead of those who sugar coat the reality and gives you easy ways out. There are no easy way out, all ways out of a crisis is painful, hard, and unforgiving. But at the end of the day, you do not fight for yourself, you fight to keep those who you love safe of harm. Drag them out of the mud, those who are hugging your legs.

If you look at their needs, you do not save them by seeing the simple truths, you save them by being hard on yourself, and see how the world is, in all its complexity and horror.

Only then can you steer clear of all the pitfalls of life.

G-d bless the will to be honest about the situation you are in, to shield those who are most important, and that is not your own ego, but your children, and your children’s children. G-d bless the will to survive.

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