The danger

Well, we are looking right down the abyss. If we go much further down the very destructive path, we will be cast over the rim, and Israel will be gone. That is the hard truth. I am not saying this to scare anyone, it is the truth to use to make a turn around in terms of progression in the conflict.

The direction we have gone until now has put us at the rim of the abyss. That is the truth.

But the good news is, we seem to be aware of it, and can then act to avoid the problems.

The issue is this. The constant banging on the war drums does not do us any good, we end up being seen as warmongers. People are not that into more war these days. They RESPECT the fact, that we want our hostages back, and the need of security. But this is not the Second World War, this is an armed state against a resistance movement. Ok Hamas has ideas, that we do not accept, but that still not changes the fact that we are the big guy, and they are the little guy. That is just not how Jews fight.

I am sorry, and again this is not to put any negative blame on the IDF. The IDF is doing amazingly. It is to be clear about what the frame around the war is.

We can still make some kind of positive outcome out of this issue. We do it, by ramping up the diplomatic process much more, and much more earnestly. If we are seen as the part, that is trying, with all we have to find a peaceful and serious end to the war. We will, after a long time, turn the perception of the two sides.

That is more or less, the only advice I can give right now, and we should be realistic about our current situation, one more step, and it is over the rim.

G-d bless the will to survive.

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