Deal of our allies

There is a new proposition on the table regarding the post structure of the reality of Gaza. The US has, together with our Arab partners, proposed a peace keeping force that encompasses the Arab alliance and the US.

There are good and bad things about the deal. The good thing is, that is shows an openness of the US and Arab allies to still work with us. The bad thing is, that with such a deal we give away a lot of the control we have gained in Gaza, at a great cost.

My opinion on the deal is, show respect for it. Enter a serious and honest negotiation, and be honest about our priorities that are essentially a secure border between Israel and Gaza. If the deal, in a probable perspective, can guarantee that outcome, we should at least try and find some kind of compromise. We really need our allies after this war, and therefor we need to show them due respect. They are actually trying to help us.

G-d bless the will to show friendship to our allies.

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