Change of tactics

Ok, we need to change the dynamics of the Gaza war. Mr. Churchill won, and made victory possible for the Brits. But do we have any idea, how he actually made those victories. First of all, he was a very courageous leader. At D day, he wanted to attend as a Marlborough (his forefather) at the front. He didn’t sit at the back, he fought at the front.

Secondly, he was a very INVENTIVE leader of the Brit’s, he invented the tank as a tool to change the trench warfare that was the main way to fight in the First World War. The idea was to make boats on land. A tank is really a small boat, as envisioned by Churchill.

So he was brave and he was inventive.

If we look at the current war I Gaza, what is really the problem. Well the problem is, that we are fighting in on a terrain that is not to our favor. What would Churchill do? He would, if I were him, change the terrain.

As of now the tunnels beneath Gaza is really the thing that is keeping Hamas alive. We can fight them in one end of Gaza, and they will just be wander to the other end.

It won the Vietnamese their war, and it will probably win the Gazans their war, if we do not start to be inventive.

In Vietnam the only response the Americans had to the tunnel warfare was to bomb the surface. Not inventive. So they lost.

What would be INVENTIVE in Gaza? Find ways to disrupt the tunnels. Use wired drones to boobytrap the tunnels. That would be inventive. Or use radar equipment to find the tunnels from above, drill down the to the tunnel and collapse it. That would be pretty easy.

If we focus on disrupting the tunnels, we will take away the only real edge Hamas has. That would stop the killing, and bring the end of the war much closer.

That would be what Churchill would have done. He had skill, intelligence and bravery.

G-d bless the will the change tactics and bring an end to this war. Let’s find peace again.

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