Ok, this is a difficult thing to see, if you want to make peace. But, if we start focusing on the destruction of the tunnels of Gaza, although it will be a bit winded. We stop, in practice the killing.

When and if we get a peace deal, then we can stop the destruction. Hamas knows very well, that the tunnels are their true power. Without the tunnels, they are not really an effective fighting force anymore.

This will then make Hamas willing to make a peace deal. How this is structured we will have to see, but making the deal more probable as we destroy the tunnels, is a pretty straightforward strategy. We destroy something that no one needs anyway, if they are not in the business of killing. So there will be no civilian casualties, the refugee situation can be mended while as we aim at the underground threat and so on and so forth. To be fair, I have no idea how big the system is. But it should be weak to punctual destruction. If we sever the connection from north to south, then we are able to stop the flow and so on.

Effectively bringing an end to the war without damaging anyone.

BUT and this is very important. The peace deal we offer Hamas should be fair. We should not press on with vengeance. If we give them a fair deal, they will have less motive to continue the war. Fairness is always the most important in post war reconciliation.

It is not about revenge, it is about making a safe environment for Israel and getting the hostages back.

G-d bless the will to resurrect the peace negotiations.

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