Ok, this is the way things are looking from my angle.

First of all, things are turning around. Slowly but surely. My own progress is interlinked with Israel in a very deeply both dangerous as well as very, very spiritual way. As I get my bearings, Israel is skitting away from the abyss.

So there are a lot of things that is happening simultaneously. I have a new job, that I like. So my economy is secured, it is actually the communists who are taking care of me. The Bernie crowd! You know, thanks guys, it is deeply appreciated. Without you, I would have been even darker into the issues that I have. But you came through, as the EU. Imagine that.

At the same time, I get all these propositions for potential queens of Israel. If this goes on, I will probably be crowned king of Israel. So the other royal houses are talking internally about the potential queen.

To be honest, living in a very dangerous situation, these considerations are not exactly on the top of my mind. But I mean, one of these propositions is kind of a dream come through. Beautiful, with so much style. For a desert rat like me, who would have thought.

But please, I am more than willing to meet all ideas. You just have to remember, that I am in a middle of a tough and serious fight with the ones who are not into having a massive strengthening of spirituality of the good kind a Jewish king would mean. Evil is all in the ropes, they are circling around me like rabid dogs.

Add to this, the main political advesary, the current government of Denmark, is all in the ropes as well. They are tanking big time, and they will fall in the very foreseeable future.

That will get some of the heat off my shoulders. But MOSSAD needs to start doing their jobs and protect me. I mean, what are we paying you for, sitting in offices and drinking coffee?

Get out there and do your job.

So, things are turning around, but it is not easy.

Getting a queen of the caliber the royal houses are plotting for Israel. That would be amazing. Hands down.

G-d bless the will to be good and finally find peace in the Middle East.

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