New ways

Now, there are different answers to the current difficulties of Israel.

Either there is the answer of colonialism, or there is the answer of total appeasement.

At the Oslo accord we tried the appeasement, now we have tried the colonialism.

Neither has been of any success for us. The Oslo accord made Israel weak, the colonialism makes us the anathema to the world.

So what do we do?

There is a third way, that I have tried, when I was at the helm of the process under the Arab Spring with Barack Obama.

What was that?

It was PLAYING the game, at the highest level possible. Finding ultimate solutions to extremely difficult problems, leaving the rest of the Middle East amazed at the good ideas, that really had the potential to make peace, through skill and wisdom.

A process like that does not take any obvious path, but goes through the fog, thinking about each step in an innovative yet experienced way.

That was what won us all the years of peace after the Arab spring.

The reason why we are in this difficult situation, is because the Danish authorities tried to put me out of commission and the structures that was in place after the Arab spring was being neutralized.

BUT I am still here, and able and willing to work on the issues, so we CAN if we want, and I underscore, that it is not my choice but the choice of the Israelis and Jews in general, find new ways, innovate in the realm of politics.

It has worked before, and it can work again.

G-d bless the peace we can find, if we try again.

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