The knights

Well, when I was a little boy, I didn’t have a lot of options. I grew up in a very poor area, and for a small intellectual child like me, there wasn’t much to do around me.

There were a few kids, that I had a good relationship with. But they were like diamonds in a coalmine.

So, I went to the library in the area that I grew up in, and started reading books. One book after another. The books became my friends in a sense, and they tought me, that there is a wider world out there, apart from my own reality.

Good books in general, is about valor, standing up for good in this world and being a knight of some kind.

So I decided to be a knight. I may not make much sense in the modern world of Tic Toc and modernity. But I didn’t really relate to all the rest that was around me anyway, so the tales of ladies and the valiant knight really resonated with me.

Since then, I have always dreamed of finding a princess like those in the books. Beautiful, respectful, with virtue. I have searched a lot, but finding a heart of gold is not easy these days.

After many years of trying to find a way with my dreams of knighthood and being a valiant person. Finally, there seems to a chance to find a REAL princess.

Who would have thought?

G-d bless the will to be what you are, despite the world that seems to not make much sense.

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