The war

Ok, this is my idea about the current development of Israel. First of all, you all need to take a deep breath, and assess the situation.

We need to get away from responding to all crisis with violence.

Violence is the effect of a diplomatic process gone wrong. So, we need to take the diplomatic process in as well.

Right now, we a so jittery, that we are kind of shooting right and left.

Take a deep breath, and think about our long term goals. Our long term goals is to get the hostages back, and secure Israel.

It is a simple as that. If we stir up a massive regional war, those goals are getting further and further away.

We can shift gears, by targeting the tunnels instead of the last remanning brigades in Gaza. That is a deescalation.

We need to turn the progression away from more conflict to less conflict.

Ok, we shouldn’t be naive, but we should definitely not raise the prospect of war. We should, by all means, make the possibility of war smaller.

G-d bless the will to win this war, with the least amount of death and suffering for everybody.

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