The relation between harmony and order

Politics has found its most illustrious academic definition in between two leading philosophers of the world. That of Plato and that of Aristotle. 

While Plato was the archidealist, the Pythagorean, Aristotle was the empirical taleteller of the current. 

Inbetween these two towering set of ideas true success in politics lie. 

I talked about needs as destiny in terms of political development. Point being, that you cannot fight the needs. If you do, you setup the frame for a revolution. 

Needs are destiny in terms of politics. 

This idea is Egyptian, or rather ancient Egyptian and understanding this in a Hellenistic perspective you need to know, that Plato was a great fan of Egypt. He studied there in his youth, and is what you term a Pythagorean, that is a Egyptian inspired academic. 

So there is a huge tapestry BEHIND Plato of Egypt that ties his ideas together. 

When Plato discusses harmony as a aim of politics, it is because this is what he learned from the Egyptians. 

Harmony or order was the aim of Egyptian political development, in order to serve the needs of the people. 

Now, when we today talk about harmony or order. We mix things up in a wrong way. Order is seen, basically, as a Roman virtue. Something strict and sometimes a little forbidding. 

That was not the way of the Egyptians, according to them, order was bliss. 

Order was not a sinister thing, but a state of happiness, care, and essentially humanism. 

Humanism is the EFFECT of order and harmony. 

We sometimes forget this in modern politics, that there is order behind humanism. 

We talk about the care for each individual, but in order to be able to care for each person, there has to be order in society. 

Open borders creates the opposite of harmony and order. As a consequence the equilibrium between order and humanism breaks down. 

We do not see the missing piece, that is order when we want peace and harmony. 

In that sense we are pretty primitive in our political ideology. We see only one side of the coin. 

We should therefor embrace the complexity of humanism, understand that it is truly wise. Break free from those hermetic texts that we see as the only source of humanism, and see it in a greater context. The context of ancient Egyptian worldview. 

G-d bless the will to see things in perspective. The true and ancient perspective of Egypt, the mother of spirituality and politics. 

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