My point yesterday, about the utopian nature of political philosophy is simply, that what we strive for, ideally is something better. I believe that the Ancient Greek and Egyptian had a better society than what we have today, especially the last 40 years things have gone the wrong way. 

But they also had a lot of trouble. Constant warfare and threats from barbarian tribes (us).

But they always strived for a better society. Sometimes they made a huge step forward, as in the time of Plato and Aristotle, at other times things went awry as when the sea peoples destroyed the ancient Hellenic world, plunging it into a dark age. 

As Thomas More prescribes however, in his epitomal work Utopia, what we as cultures should do, is to strive for something better. 

Right now we are plugging holes in the ship. Trying to stop the massive flow of migration, stopping the bleeding of our economy and so on. 

But after that, and inbetween, we need to aim at something better. A better society, a more peaceful, happy and content society. 

Thereby bringing Hope. 

G-d bless the will to stem the flow of migrants to a bearable size, and get our economies up and running again. 

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