The salieris

MozartWhen Mozart lived he had an opponent called Salieri. Mozart was the wonderkid, the genius who, with very little effort, produced the most spectacular and amazing pieces of classical music. Salieri was the mediocre composer who worked dilligently and hard, but all to no avail, the compositions he produced was just … boring. His intense jealousy towards Mozart is an example on the mediocres feelings towards the geniuses.

One of the problems with danish society today, is the fact that the Salieris have conquered the entire academic system, and through their dilligent and profound control, they ruin all beauty and development of society. Their insistence on the qualities of the multicultural society, their use of such fallacy as racism, islamophobia and other stupid ideas, puts up a veil in front of the basic ideas of a civilized state. Where is the insistence on truth and justice? Where is the stubborn defence of democracy and rule of law? The Salieris forgot it, and they are unable refind the focus on the basis of society.

But there are a few Mozarts around, and what is the reaction of the Salieris? Well, let us just say, a bit negative. They try to kill them. In this light the modern Salieris are brutes, much more uncivilized than the original Salieri, who had a bit a tact. They prefer to kill.

Now the problem is, that the Salieris are jealously defending their land. If the newcomers try to critizise, even change things, they are either excluded, held in disregard, or, in a few cases attacked physically. I have tried it numerous times, the genious Glistrup was put in jail, Kim from Uriasposten had a political censorship of his thesis, and so on.

Now, the good things is, that the politicians have realized the lack of professionalism, the poor quality of the current academia, and the lack of moral integrity of the professors. So they have shifted their focus from the established institutions to the real intellectuals roaming the society, free and honest. Lars Hedegaard, Rolf  Sloth Henriksen, and many other, real experts who search for truth, and are ethical in their view on society.

The Salieris cry their bitter tears, because they have lost their influence on the political sphere. But what is best for society, to listen to the beauty of Mozart, or be bored by the mediocre tunes of Salieri? Well, in my view it is a very positive development. Skill, craftmansship and honesty is the focus of the real academics, and that is good.

I discussed the current development with Mr. Lars Hedegaard, chairman of the Free Speech Society, and we talked about the possibility of another renaissance. We might actually create another golden age right now, here in Denmark. I hear the same from Mr. Anders Gravers, the world respects the real intellectuals of Denmark, and are ready to listen to their ideas.

So perhaps it would be a good thing for the state to support the Mozarts, and curb the jealousy of the Salieris. Use the money of the state on the avantgarde instead of the huge mass of mediocre scientists prevailing in the corrupt institutions of danish academia.

Put Denmark on the path of another Golden age.

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