There is an ongoing war between the traditional media and the new media; the blogs. I initiated my career as a debater in the blogossphere, and most of my contacts are part of the blogossphere. This war is extremely decisive for the development of the society, so a discussion on the pro and cons of the new media is vital for the modern democracy.

Let us try to analyze, and see if we can find any qualities of the two, and perhaps some of the new interactive trends.

First of all; there is a tremendous gap of quality between the old and the new media. The discussion on blogs as Gates of Vienna, Uriasposten, and the content of Snaphanen, and Zonkas blog are way better that any of the old media. There are exceptions, the show Deadline in national television is quite good, and some of the content in the newspaper Jyllandsposten is also quite good.

So the blogs have given the avantgarde intellectuals a space to develop new ideas and distribute the ideas in a fast and free way. This is very good for the democracy, the more debate, the more reflection on a serious level, the better for the society. The backside of the new media is however a low level of massdistribution. There are many readers on the major blogs, but it is only people who are very interested in politics that read the blogs. People who are interested in clothing, shoes, parashuting, they watch television.

You may add, that there is a third media that is much more powerful than the new and the old media; rumors. The spread of knowledge through discussion in home and between friends. This type of communication is actually what really matters. The blogs in combination with rumorspreading, is actually the main communication on important issues today. An example;  together with Anders Gravers of Stop Islamization of Denmark i devised an intellectual defense of Denmark, I put democracy and the rule of law in opposition to sharia. This paradigm is today a given fact whereever you go and discuss with people. I have talked with Steen from the blog, and he has the same experience. You put something on your blog, and after a very short time the whole world reflects on it. It is extremely powerful.

To make a blog, you have to put some content on the blog that is of a very high quality. This could be philosophical reflection or news. So the bloggers really compete on skill. Some of my blogging friends have no or very little education, but they are extremely skilled and intelligent. Normally these people would not stand a chance in the old media, but through the blogossphere they have a chance. In the old media skill is not as important, education and network,  is much more important. So the persons in the old media compete on different parameters. Parameters that that does not, necessarily help the quality of the writing.

On top of this, the old media has a tradition of treason, that goes back to collaboration with the Soviet Union. A vast part of the old media actually has a corrupt, and very problematic relation to the danish democracy. In Sweden the author and journalist Jan Gouillou, was, very resently revealed as a KGB agent. If it happened in Sweden it happened in Denmark. Everybody knows it, but since a large part of the intellectual elite participated in the treason, the media is very reluctant to critisize.

All in all, the new media is a very good and valuable contribution to the modern democracy. It is an extremely serious challenge to the old media, and the blogs are winning. Or rather the blogs won the day they started. I remember Kimpolina, a funny blog with a lot of strange pictures, it was made by a nice unemployed girl who really changed my vision on the society. It was so much better and funnier than the old media.

The politicians have noticed the development, it is important for them to be avantgarde, so they naturally listen to the avantgarde of the political debate. This makes the traditional relationship between the journalists and the politicians much less important to the politicians. It  does not matter much whether the journalists writes this or that in some fields. At least when it comes to the core business of politics; to make the agenda, the journalists are not so interesting anymore.

Now the mainstream media can accept the new order of things, or they can try to keep the power. So far, there has been no recognition of the blogs in the mainstreammedia. The hope is, that the absolute ignoration of the blogs will somehow stop them. Very stupid idea, the blogs already control the agenda setting, whether the old media likes it or not. A much better strategy would be to open up and begin some kind of communication, this would give the old media some kind of development. Trying to kill, and then ignore the newcomers, as they did with me, is an even less positive attitutede. Talk about a bad looser.

There are a lot of filth underneath the corrupt polished surface of the media; Hamas in Denmark, jews in danger, gays in danger, the treason of the communist movements, the plan to stop nationalism through immigration, the secret plans of the EU. The list goes on and on. All these things have to come into the open, and it will happen through the blogs, and will somehow be the demise of the old and corrupt media.

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