The political correct and metaphysics

One might wonder; is there a life after death? The current philosophical dogma deriving, as I see it, from the Epicuran renaissance, says no. Epicuran doctrine holds the atomic build of the world as a base of philosophy. The tradition was conveyed through a roman philosopher/didactic called Lucretius. In the philosophy there is no God, religion is a bad thing, and personal needs is all there is to guide a soul.

In the natural sciences these basic principles of the atomic theory have been prooved to a very sophisticated level. Smaller and smaller parts of the atom is aknowledged. But is it true that all spirituality is of no relevance and untrue? Well, nobody knows, yet. There are plenty of room for discovery, the aetherical dimension described in the metaphysical litterature could be another dimension and therefor true. The connection between the realm of God and man, conveyed through the soul could be a connection to another dimension that we are only able to reach through inner contemplation. It is possible, and the atomic science is not a hinderance to this theory. There are other mysteries that are impossible to explain, like time. Perhaps time is not linear but cyclical, it could be, the theory is discussable.

Well then, if the metaphysical theories are not just fantasies but are serious principles of life, that we have just ignored. What will this have as a consequence for Seidenfaden and his political correct minions? Well first of all, according to classical metaphysical theory, there is a moment of judgement when the soul leaves the body and is about to reunite whith the celestial soul. This is in christian metaphysical tradition is called “knocking on the door of saint Peter”. If you have been untrue in your life, the passage to the realm of God will not be easy, if possible at all.

I have discussed this with Mr. Ole Nydahl, and in his mind there is no doubt; to be political correct is the worst sin of all. You are extremely unenlightent, and if there is such a thing as rebirth, the rebirth of a political correct will be the worst of all.

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  1. Rene’ Descartes
    January 21st, 2010 at 11:12 | #1

    At death, the conscious mind is gradually absorbed into the subconscious (the mind of the surviving Soul), and the subconscious becomes the operative mind, with the Super-Conscious now in the position the subconscious held while we were incarnate. Later, upon reincarnation, the subconscious projects another portion of itself into the newly developing outer, three-dimensional mind. Intuitions, “knowings” and psychic perceptions come from the projected subconscious. But not all the subconscious is projected; some of it remains in very high levels of perception and activity.

    This world is a corpse eater, a gene and brain eater, but it doesn’t eat Souls; it can’t. It will eat all finite parts of your body, but the infinite part of you, your Soul, is untouchable in this world.

    The difference between the Soul freed by the death of its body and the same Soul encased in a living body is only a difference of density, vibration and consciousness.

    Death (the Soul leaving the physical body) is a totally painless process. The body may be in pain before dying due to sickness, broken limbs, old age or whatever, in which case death is a great relief. But dying itself is totally painless. And when they kick a little dirt on top of your coffin, talking about you passing away, what then? Regrettably it is then too late for actions in the physical world…….this time around.

    They have wasted your time and your life. They have retarded your perfection. They have led you astray. Don’t let them do that next time around in your new body, that is, if you get another one. The tragedy of death is akin to throwing away and forgetting the potato while glorifying the potato peel. Dead is simply a move through what is called God’s other door, just another step in the process of the Soul development that continues until we again achieve oneness with God, but the door, to and from the other world, have “The Gate Keepers” in charge.

    When you go to sleep, your physical consciousness/intellect is in an unconscious state, and your subconscious is in charge, like when you are dreaming. In fact, when you go to sleep you are experiencing dying i.e. you are unconscious about your physical body while still being conscious.

    So, falling asleep is like the shadow of what is called dying.
    Fear of dying is another issue; it has been indoctrinated into our mind ad nauseoum. Without fear of dying, the powers that be would not be able to control people as effectively as they do. Imagine if the churches could not motivate you with fear of hell and condemnation? Then there would not be much, if any, reason to go there, would there? If there is no judgment, what is there to be fearful about? Well, you can only reap what you have sown, so why be fearful? Just be nice all the time, and then you will reap that. And you will never reap other people’s sowings.

    The separations that have been established between different religions and denominational organisations have been totally unnecessary and very harmful. You don’t need to convince anyone of the senselessness of denominationalism. Whatever separates one man from another also separates us from the Universal Consciousness of the Creator.

    How we treat our fellow man is exactly how we treat God. Think about it. There is part of the God Consciousness, the Universal Consciousness in everybody.

    Today, people are afraid of dying mostly because of the uncertainty of what will happen when they do – if, in fact, anything will happen. Theologians tell you that your Soul will go to heaven or hell, but they simply don’t know. Since the most important part of you, your Soul is that which they say will be judged when your flesh decomposes, why don’t they tell you the truth about it? This is the all-important information mankind has been looking for, for millennia.

    There is a reason, however, that both church and science have been utter failures in informing mankind of the truth in this matter – they either didn’t want to, they were forced not to, or they didn’t know? If people knew what was going to happen when their bodies die, then they would be more concerned about developing their Souls to higher and more loving frequencies, instead of being concerned about the genetics and the bloodlines of the primate bodies they are using temporarily. They would try to be good and not simply look good, because whatever body they are using at present will die and get eaten by worms.

    It is not all of life to live, neither is it all of death to die, for life and death are the same. Only those who consider the experience of that as the same can understand or comprehend what peace really means. Actual death is truly a peaceful experience. When your Soul first leaves the body, it hovers over the body for a while. If you have been sick, suffering or have been afraid, the pain and fear will be gone. Or your Soul may leave while your body is having a peaceful sleep. It will hover over the body longer for some than for others, depending on the kind of attachments you have to the body, or the things you have loved and been in possession of in this past life. A deep and profound peace and love covers your total being.

    Then your journey through a tunnel or vortex, without any fear whatsoever, toward a point of light. When you reach this point, you will be met by some of your loved ones who have passed on before you. These will be family and friends or lovers in their astral bodies just like you, not their physical bodies. They will then show you your life, with special emphasis on the feelings you have created in other people along your life’s path. You cannot fool anybody or yourself. Sometimes the remorse is overwhelming. This too can be truly hell for some, and for others it is paradise. So, love one another.

    This will be followed by a short period where you basically sleep, to acclimatise and condition yourself to the new reality of you being in the spirit world. It will range from one week to three months in Earth time. When you wake up, you Soul will proceed to where your vibrational frequency levels of your Consciousness are, together with other newly deceased Souls of similar development and level. If you have the low vibrational frequency attitude of a jerk, you will be with all the jerks, and that can truly be real hell; and if your vibrational frequency attitude are kind and loving, then you will be with all them. There you will have the chance to evolve to the best of your abilities, speed of comprehension, likes and interest. Nothing will be imposed on you; you only learn what you want to learn, and that is the speed by which you grow. Depending on what you want and need to learn you will spend a period of time in those halls of learning. You might even go to new levels of Consciousness.

    (If young people’s bodies die, they spend very little time in this plane of existence, since they have only recently come from there.) You are now a conscious awareness on a higher frequency of existence than you have been; you are above the three dimensions.

    If you are a loving and kind person with a high frequency, you will be with loving and friendly souls who have the same high frequencies, and that can truly be heaven. So just be a really nice and good person all the time. And don’t forget to be joyous.

    The more love and kindness in your attitude, the higher your vibrational frequency of your consciousness will be and the closer to enlightenment (Heaven), you are.

    The more selfishness and greed and hate and control of others in your attitude, the lower the vibrational frequency of your Consciousness will be, and the more un-conscious you are (and that is hell).

    After that, you have certain experiences in the higher world together with other Souls of the same vibrational frequency in their conscious mind as yourself.

    For all that you may ever keep is just what you give away, while in a body, and that you give away is advice, counsel, the manners of your life you live yourself. The manner in which you treat your fellow man, your patience, your brotherly love, your kindness, your gentleness. That you give away to others, your attitude, that is all that you may possess in those other realms of consciousness.

    You see, you are your own judge, jury and executioner. God can neither denounce, sit in judgment, condemn, mete out punishment, or be flattered by lip service (praising, adoration and worshipping is actually idolising), or award a special dispensations to His favoured brats (like the Talmudic rabbis have indoctrinated their flock to think). God relinquished all these privileges when He gave every Soul freedom of action, of choice and of decisions. Now, He can only wait in patience and genuine compassion for the Souls to decide how soon they will use their free will to return to Him, once they have conceded that He makes a better creator than they do.

    This of course leaves the intellect in the uncomfortable position of having nowhere to pass the buck; selfishness depends, for its self-preservation, on the illusion that it is more sinned against than sinning.

    When the time comes for you to incarnate, then you have to decide for yourself what the most important thing is that you need to learn in your next life. Before you re-enter a physical body, you choose your subjects of learning, like humility, patience, brotherly love, kindness, intellect, personality, happiness, sorrows and family ties etc. On this subject there is plenty for the seekers to find out. Then your Consciousness will re-enter the physical dimension in a baby’s body, where the brain is still mushy grey matter which has no memory, and holds no memory. You are actually having a break in memory, and will have to start from scratch in physical conscious memory accumulation.

    Armageddon, misunderstood? The so-called “Battle of Armageddon” as described vaguely or symbolically in the Bible, unbeknown to most people, begun in 1999. This “battle” of Armageddon is not a war being fought on earth. Rather, it is a spiritual struggle between the “higher Conscious forces of light” and “lesser Conscious forces of darkness” that will, from now on, continue for about a 1000 years of earth time. The reason for this struggle is to prevent Souls from the lower frequency afterlife realms (The selfish ones), reincarnating back to earth. By preventing Souls from the lower afterlife realms from reincarnating back to earth, only enlightened Souls are permitted to incarnate, or shall we say, Souls above a certain frequency level of Consciousness.
    The result will be 1000 years of building a world of peace and enlightenment. After 1000 years, Souls from lower afterlife realms will be permitted once again to reincarnate to the earth. By this time, the so-called “kingdom of heaven” will have been established on earth.
    As we all know, the physical world is mostly controlled by what we call the selfish intellectuals and darkness; they are truly in control, simply by fooling, conning, lying and controlling the less intelligent ones. Why they want to be in control of others is another sad matter. On the other hand, the gates from the spiritual world is totally controlled by ‘the Gate keepers’ who are of the highest consciousness and love, and by stopping the ‘lowers’ from coming back to the physical world, they are saving the physical world as well as the spiritual world.
    In days of old, they stopped the Souls from incarnating into the “Things” (more on that later) by not allowing the Souls to inhabit their new borne babies, hence they died out. The gate keepers are truly the Creators so-called great Archangels, and for the first time, they are now differentiating between Souls that have made the grade of compassion and kindness and those who haven’t, and therefore have to face their selfishness and narcissism in rather unpleasant ways, before they start from scratch again. You se, what they didn’t chose to learn through wisdom they will, sadly, now, have to learn through pain and suffering.
    The higher conscious forces of light are the Souls with love, kindness, friendliness, unselfishness, harmlessness, mercy and compassion which is what is called and defines the higher frequency levels of Consciousness.
    The lower conscious forces of darkness, are the Souls that are selfish, hateful, vengeful, narcissistic, greedy, self-righteous and jealous, that love power over others, who lags all kind of remorse, who therefore have very low frequency levels of Consciousness.
    In other words, when all the selfish Souls leave their mortal bodies this time, and they all will for sure, their Souls will not have an opportunity to incarnate for the next 1000 years or so. They will be in a stage of hot volcanic slosh in total frustration with plenty of time to reflect and remember all the harmful things they have done in this world. They will have to re-experience all the feelings they created in other people when they were in a body, and re-experience their self made lower dark and selfish thoughts, their hateful spoken words and their evil actions, but worse of all, they will be together with all the likeminded Souls, and that, we can assure you, our dear readers, are, pure hell. In fact, that is all they can do for the next 1000 years.
    Neither will they be permitted to stunt other people’s spiritual growth any longer. The selfish jerks who runs the world now, knows some of this, and they don’t like it one bit, hence, their attempt to start the third world war for total destruction so not even the righteous Souls can incarnate, but luckily, it is totally out of their hands by now.
    In this transition period before the so-called “kingdom of God” will rule the world, and before the last of the selfish Souls that are still living in a body dies, there will be world events that can only be described as apocalyptic, a period of purification involving many natural disasters that will dramatically alter the surface of the earth, there will be wars, economic collapse and socio-political unrest. If the jerks cannot incarnate, they think that nobody should have the possibility, and the few who may survive the coming mess, will not do so in any kind of comfort.
    Every Soul, that have been incarnating since the year 1999 are as a group more consciously aware, and at a higher conscious level, than those borne before the year 1999. There are simply not any really selfish Souls amongst them when they were borne, like there use to be previously. The young ones may however, still be sucked into some minor selfishness from the remnant “lesser conscious souls” before they finally leave their mortal coils (die).
    Before the year 1999, all Souls allotted to the earth had equal opportunities but diverse accountability (having to reap different things they each sowed), some gravitate toward more and more selfishness and less compassion which lowered their Consciousness, and some gravitate toward higher consciousness, by being more kind, loving, harmless and compassionate, which truly is what raised their consciousness.
    And this is where we are now, the world is in large terms inhabited by two groups, the more conscious ones, the ones who want to serve and please others, who are selfless, harmless, humble and righteous, and the less conscious ones, the intelligent ones who want to be served and who are selfish, harmful and self-righteous.
    The line has now been drawn. This life is your very last change to make it. The wheat and the chaff are now truly being separated for sure, and in no uncertain terms.
    The lower ‘powers that be’, insist on forced inoculations, vaccinations, fluoride, MSG, Aspartame, dope, both legal and illegal. They are attempting to somehow insure that the brain of other people don’t function as it should. In addition the information that is put into the malfunctioned brain (Media, education, books, movies, TV etc) is highly erroneous and mostly outright lies. It is specifically made to waste your time and retard your changes for tuning into a higher Conscious being.
    Now imagine that you have a brain where the mechanical (physical gray matter) part doesn’t function as it should due to the many forced chemicals or alcohol in it. And on top of that, the “intellectual knowledge” which is accumulated in the brain since your body was borne, is not your choice and is mostly errors and lies, then you clearly become less conscious and somewhat stupid, and you surely can’t figure that much out, can you? That being the case, what righteous, good, kind, loving and creative things can you do while your beautiful Soul is in such a flawed body?
    Not alone are people being physical handicapped, (their brain is not working as it should) they are also intellectually impaired, made ignorant and dumb-ed down so as not to become a tread to “the powers that be”. But the biggest success they have is the spiritual stunting of the many, by making religions point to the history of the teachers instead of their teachings, or to the spiritual truth they were borne to bring, as penned herein.
    The laws and principles of God, the creator of all, have been replaced by flawed and unethical laws, by useless traditions and rituals, and the worshiping of narcissism and tribalism of the power mongers.
    Now you understand why the evil and dark powers outlawed the knowledge of the preexistence of the soul in the sixth century, (Second council of Constantinople 553CE) by the religion that dragged the Christ name through the mud, instead of living as he did, and teaching his teachings.
    This information is also about the very near future, when the new borne humans will evolve into beings with supernatural and psychic powers. The curtain into the holies of holy (the Universal Consciousness) is not torn in twain any longer; the curtain is now being totally removed. It will be a new era, or 1000 years of enlightenment and peace when the “One” divinity within all humans will be manifested fully on earth.
    Those who are the last to leave the old world, will be the first to incarnate in the new one, but only if they are conscious enough, specifically to help clean up the systems created wile they were last incarnated, since they know the flaws and short comings better than anybody else.
    As the war of Armageddon started in the year 1999, the Christ soul re-appeared, and is now in a body again. And just like 2000 years ago, “the religious Pharisees” are trying to find him and kill him, before he ‘grows in wisdom, stature and beauty’. He reincarnated to manifest the Universal Consciousness on earth again.
    For you, my dear reader, you still have a change to pass the grade, before your body dies, if you focus on the real issues, because the time is really short. Stop your selfishness and narcissism and truly become kind, loving, caring, compassionate, helpful, selfless and harmless toward all the people around you, but above all, love God, the creator of all, with all your humility and appreciation from the bottom of your hart and Soul, now that you begin to know the real story.
    Forget the useless rituals and traditions, just be kind and loving. And be genuine. You se, if you haven’t made the grade, when you leave the body you are now using, then you will have a real and very unpleasant problem to deal with, in the very near future. Humanity will, very soon, experience the “day of reckoning.”
    Now, at the present, we are being helped individually with insight, wisdom and knowledge from the Universal Consciousness and the knowledge are being distributed according to the quality and the level of the Consciousness of the individual. This is also how some of this information came about.

    About our individual higher consciousness, those who have a lot now, to them more will be given, and to those who has little now, to them, what little they have, will be taken away. Do you now begin understand?
    New conscious insight and spiritual knowledge will never come to vicious people with petty vices—thieves, bandits, alcoholics, selfish people, liars, indoctrinators, greedy and power hungry people—and also those who aren’t willing to change themselves for the better. They will all be leaving this planet for a long time to come.

    The insight and the information you have with Universal Conscious awareness will play the most important role in the coming earth changes that are expected somewhere between 2010-2013. Then after it all calms down, a time of perfect unity and cooperation will begin on Earth.

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