fireI die, you live, that is the basic law of nature. As a habitat is crowded with species that are competing over ressources and space, the fight becomes fiercer and more violent. This is the problem of the planet, the race of man competes over ressources and territory. Now who will win? The strongest will win. There is a lot of corruption and rot in the western world, especially in the ruling elite. Some elites are more rotten than other. Consequently some elites are weaker than other.

Empedocles claims, that fire has a twofold nature; Hades and Hephaestus. Hades is the God of destruction and death, nothing good comes from him. But Hephaestus is the lover of Aphrodite. Through the combination of love and strife nature evolves. So it is with the western world, some states develop in an amazing speed, some die. Denmark and Sweden are the focalpoints of this development. Hades rules in Sweden, Hephaestus rules in Denmark. Why, because the elite in Sweden is absoluty corrupt, moral wise and intellectually. In Denmark, the corrupt are having problems, as Seidenfaden, the corrupt editor of the newspaper Politiken is having right now. In Denmark the good laugh and the evil cry, in Sweden the good cry and the evil laugh.

This will lead to an amazing development in Europe. Some states will vanish, other states will develop and live through a rennaissance.

And it all comes down to the relative health of the elite in combination with the people.

Sweden might burn away litterally, Denmark is burning, but new methods are applied, and new philosophical trends are emerging.

The whole world will burn, but after the firestorm another system will appear, a system that may live forever.

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  1. Rene’ Descartes
    January 21st, 2010 at 16:05 | #1

    My Friend.
    The strongest will not survive. If that was true, then the WWW slam-dunk wrestlers would be our future, And they are not. trust me. All bodies, genes and intelligences are mortal and will die and get eaten by worms, and all Souls will survive. Due to the many physical strong peoples arrogance their Soul will, after their primate body die, be re-incarnated as a third or fourth wife of a fanatic muslim in Somalia, simply to learn some humility. The same will happen to the rest of mankind, they will all become what they hate the most, simply to learn not to hate an other person.
    The Laws of God are perfect, but sadly not mans understanding of them.
    All the best,

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