We have to be prepared for the war


We are a generation with the opportunity to rebuild the country. Through the seventies, eighties, nineties, and the last nine years, nationalism has been a creed of a despicabel nature. At least this was the attitude of the elite; the media elite, the cultural elite and a great part of the political elite. Cosmopolitanism has been all the rage. Things are now changing, nationalism is more popular. After forty years loyalty to the country is in fashion again.

The thing is, there is a long way to go, to refind a positive image of Denmark, and what it is to be a dane. We are lucky because we have Grundtvig, the national poet and philosopher of Denmark. To refind his beautiful and amazing system of belief will be like a cleansening shower on a day of spring. The insanity of the current intellectual trends are like poison to the mind; jaded socialism, imbecile multuculturalism, economical/philosophical rule of law. No, we need to rebuild the nation on enlightentment of the soul, the soul of men and women, but also the soul of the people.

Now, there are traitors among us, let me explain. In the seventies, just before the Berlin wall fell, as a last desperate move into Europe, the Soviet Union put all their efforts into proselytizing and wooing the elite of the european countries. The secret service, the KGB, did their very best to infiltrate and move people to communism. We had the atomic free zone movement, probably controlled by the KGB. We had the red stocking movement, why?

There were many willing traitors in the generation before me. Many were young and therefor excused, but many knew what they were doing, the betrayed their country willingly, knowingly, and they prosecuted the persons whom stood up for their country. As they did when they put the politician Glistrup to jail.

The clouds are black in the horizon, war is here. We can fool ourselves and pretend it is not, but I think that the newspaper Jyllandsposten has realized that we are in war with Islam. This realization is slowly dawning on the politicians as well. But then there is the problem with the socialist traitors. What to do with them? Once a traitor, always a traitor. They are still in positions of power. They are there as corrupt layer upon the academic institutions, the media, the artists. The loyal servants of Denmark are so few within the elite.

Well, some kind of reeducation should be done to the younger at least, then the old corrupt traitors should just be send on pension. But it is a daunting task to rebuild the society, we have to start all over, and the persons whom we can trust are so few. But it has to be done, because war is coming for real, and we have to be prepared.

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