The shift of policy

The world is shifting on its hinges, but is has been a long time coming.

Essentially there is a shift in power wrangling in the world. Where in the old times we had a fight between east and west, that is Russia and the US. Today the US has left its competition with Russia, and started a new one with China.

The ‘shift to East’.

This shift have been a long time coming, to be precise, it started with the second election fight for mr. Barack Obama. That was when we shifted focus.

Today the threat is more imminent that ever. China is threatening Hong Kong, and China is so powerful in terms of military equipment, that they are real threat to the countries around them.

The last decade or so, they have played a British empire game of harnessing ressources by using their banks to control the poor countries they get their ressources from.

It is a pretty efficient powerplay, and they are running into competition with the US.

At the same time, the technological development of the state is quite fast, and the production capabilities are vast.

This gives China a good position in the fight for supremacy.

At the same time, China has fought us, through cloak and dagger means for some time. There are some rumors, that they have manipulated our economic system, and they are abusing their spies to steal our tech.

It is a real war in the making.

At our side, we have, diligently, rebuilt our own production capabilities, and sought to make a more cohesive front against China.

The UK is almost at the point, where it can actually start supporting these endeavors, by uniting the commonwealth behind the fight.

This will, hopefully, shift the balance, and make us stronger.

However, this has massive implications for the Middle East.

The Middle East used to be the playground for the fight between Russia and the US. Now, it is not really interesting for the US anymore. So the troops are needed elsewhere.

That is really the true background behind the shift of policies that mr. Trumps is making right now. It is ugly, and it does not look good. But behind the chock lies the true reason for this shift in policy; China.

So this is a new situation in the Middle East. Old players are leaving the scene, and hopefully this is good. Why? Because all this proxy war only leads to more conflict not less.

Conflict is not a good thing.

However, we are still here. And most importantly, Israel is still in the Middle East, so the US will off cause always have a measure of attention to the Middle East.

But you cannot fight two wars at one time, and the China war is coming up.

Not to mention the fact, that that war is going hot in a decade, and that will be truly devastating for all involved.

We need to be prepared, and we are. But, we should also realize, that there is a new pacific war coming up, and that will be a tough one.

G-d bless the will to be truly prepared.

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