Good news for me

I have some good news for the readers of this blog.

After a long hike jobwise, I have finallye managed to get a job that fits the blogging, more or less.

I have had a minor job on a college, that did not really work out. After that, I have worked extensively on a small tv station project here in Northern Jutland where I live.

After some armwringing and general reluctance from the cultural ministry, I have finally managed to get the license, and will be able to call myself tv producer in a couple of months.

It is truly small scale, but it is enough to keep the family afloat, and me busy with an interesting job.

It ties very well in with blogging, because it is political and cultural, so there will be a natural connection between blogging and working. It will be really good, I think.

Anyway, these are just good tiding, and hopefully this will ensure, that I will be able to produce more texts here on the blog, and generally serve the international community with light and wisdom.

G-d bless the will to do good, have good thoughts, and good actions.

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