Let us support the Kurds

You know, Barack and I started the war against IS, and the best ally, apart from Israel in the fight against this terrible foe were the Kurds. An ancient people of the Middle East, who really helped us a lot.

Now they are in harms way.

To be fair, I know that not all that the Kurds did would live up to the human rights standard we usually set to ourselves in Europe and the West in general. But that is war, was is always the same, and to be nice in a war is impossible.

Anyway, it is a crying shame, that the Kurds now must suffer at the hand of Erdogan. And not only that, he threatens to send migrants into Europe if we do not accept this atrocity.

So he is trying to put a barrier between us and the Kurds.

Democracy is a difficult thing, but if you actually have a democratic ally, then we should help them in any way possible.

They are dying, and we are doing nothing. How can this ever be fair?

My view on this is clear, we need to stay sharp on both material as well and ideological prioriteries.

Material; we should try and keep our troops out of harms way. Ideological, we should support those who share our values.

Lend them support from the air, from drones, form bombers and so on.

In this way, we support them, as we did in Libya, without getting too much into the fray.

G-d bless the will to support an important ally.

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