The difficulty of balance

Joe, listen. In order to win an election, you need to address the needs of your voter.

Roughly there are two main voter groups in your constituency. They are the workers, and they are the liberal.

The workers have currently abandoned the Socialdemocratic cause because the migrants in the different countries have put so much pressure on their jobs and so on, that it does not make any sense for them to vote Liberal.

In other words, the pro migration stance that is one part of the party pushes away another part of the party.

This does not mean, in anyway, that we should be unfair to minorities and so on. But it is an essential problem.

It is such a vast problem, that it has effectively stopped most progress in the Socialdemocratic camp world wide.

In other words, identity politics is in conflict with classical worker politics.

It is a dilemma.

Your task is to make a balance between those two perspectives. At one hand you need to make a political manifesto that is supportive to the minorities of the US, but at the other hand, you need to keep organising and protecting jobs.


It is a difficult balance in all ways.

But if you manage to find that balance, then you support the needs of your voters.

At the same time, it is, as I see it, very important that you unify those fractured wings of warring politics. Again an attempt to find compromises between people.

Going off the rail with one set of political ideas is poison to your cause. Just look at the problems mr. Corbyn faces in the UK.

The focus on the fringes of his parties political ideas have torn the party asunder.

You need to listen to the needs of the voters you represent.

They need jobs, security, a future for their kids.

Give them that attempt at a dream, and you can lift their spirits.

G-d bless the will to see the good things in life and politics.

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