The truth will set us free

When humanism was invented, or rather continued, by the German philosophers of Tubingen four hundred years ago, they knew, that one day their work would eat itself up.

They set out to create a world of brotherhood and humanity. Giving birth to what would end up as human rights.

Their vision was steeped in Kabbalism and Hermeticism, harking back to the ancients of Judaism and Egypt.

Now their work has come full circle, as they dragged Europe out of the misery of the Middle Ages into the world of enlightenment, their children FIGHT to make a world of chaos and destruction, with the rape of the young girls of Europe as an “inevitable” sacrifice, sacrificed on the pyres of multiculturalism and new age death of political correctness. What have we done us secret hermetics, to spring such demonic offspring. How can it all end up in the sacrifice of what is most precious to us, our own children to a philosophy of such vanity, tyrannical inclinations and utter disregard of life?

Why is it, that our children cannot see, that their actions are in direct constrast to what we envisioned?

Why, why, why have we ever spawned such awful children. Have they no conscience, no intelligence, no FEELING for the suffering of young children. HOW can the ruined life of a child ever be a price worth paying for a philosophy, that can hardly even be described as philosophy, but rather a collection of unintelligible ideas with no inherent consequence or positive aim.

Our own children have dragged our work into pieces because of their arrogance and idiocy. Claiming to know, but being truly just children of ignorance. What do they know of the great father of humanism Akhenaten, who wanted us to be a nation of families and supporters.

What do they know of giving and not taking?

They do not know of such things, but keep on prowling around in the deepest abyss of ignorance, quenching the light of the ancients in their arrogance.

When will they stop the suicide? When will they ever turn around and truly understand the humanity of each precious individual? The sanctity, they drive for goodness instead of their own fallacy?

As the old hermeticists of Tubingen, I abhor the current world, with its destruction and endless suffering. But I hold true to the belief, that truth will set us free.

G-d bless the will to see beauty and truth.

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